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2 euro tarifa normala. Euro bat tarifa murritza (jubilatu, ikasle, langabetu,...). Haurrak, 14 urte bitartekoak, debalde.

Traditional Funeral Rites in Angiozar

Very little is said about this Noble Lady. Most of us only know All Saints Day... at least until the popularity of Halloween, which turns death into a children’s game. There is a great contradiction when, faced with the pain of the loss of a loved one, they are not even mentioned, just in case.
In any case, until recently, in our society, death was just another component of life, the memory of those who left us did not necessarily have to be tragic. In Basque culture well-defined rites have existed around death, before and after the founding of Christianity.
And in Bergara we have evidence of this. Or even more than evidence, because we can state that some of those funeral rites are still practiced today.
In order to discover this reality firsthand we have organised guided visits to Angiozar. At this time when death is also commercialised and globalised, in Angiozar we will find our own, living elements, of popular culture, around death.
This visit, prepared and promoted by the residents of Angiozar, takes us back to the time when Death was a Noble Lady, when it was a common thing.
From Elizamendi we go to the Church of San Miguel. Here we can see a remarkable landscape, important heritage elements that have been forgotten or hidden, the Noble Lady, the memory of close family…