Surprising and magical, the 7: the 7 sins, the 7 wonders of the world, the 7 Pillars of Wisdom, the 7 colors of the rainbow ...
Bergara also has 7: 7 to surprise.
And only you can find them in Bergara.

1. Laboratorium. In the tradition of the Enlightenment, the Elhuyar brothers found the wolfram (tungsten) in our villa. Science and innovation are part of our heritage. The Laboratorium space awaits you in the middle of the garden Errekalde, of the nineteenth century.

2. Agarre. There is nothing like it in Gipuzkoa. Made in wood, dating from the sixteenth century.

3. Jauregi house facade. We posed two challenges: first, find a similar in Europe; two: find their hidden figures.

4. Christ's agony. A model of the universal Baroque.

5. The peace treaty of Bergara, called "hug". Signed in Bergara, this agreement he ended the First Carlist War; showing us the way to overcome conflicts.

6. The altarpiece Santamaina (Santa Maria). It is not just a magnificent altarpiece, is also a pioneer in the rococo style in our country.

7. Our cakes "stuffed and tostones". They are sold in many places, but the reals and originals are those made in the three kilns and ancient craftsmen of Bergara.