A pleasant surprise. There is no better way of explaining what you experience when visiting Bergara. It is indeed surprising and difficult to believe that Bergara has become famous again for the blue that dyed our jeans but, at the same time, it has been able to maintain a whole collection of high-quality monumental buildings. Besides its pleasant monuments, it also has a green belt that protects Bergara and, above all, extensive urban green areas, including several historic gardens. This way, we can enjoy a surprising and pleasant urban and natural circuit as a whole, which combines and reflects a good part of European History and Art.

Precisely the idea of Europe is always present in Bergara, and no wonder as it was one of the main illustrated European centres, as expressed by the powerful Royal Seminary. Precursor of Innovation and Research, the discovery of Wolfram overshadows all other technical achievements there.

These are not our only identifying traits, as the town was also the location of the Abrazo de Bergara (Bergara Embrace), a real Peace Treaty which is still commemorated and should not be missed.
In addition, visiting Bergara will always be Sweet, thanks to the traditional and unique confectionery that is made in the town’s Old Quarter.

Surprising. Pleasant. Monumental. Green. Innovative. Sweet. Are you still not sure?