As in other spheres of life in Bergara, modernity and tradition each have their place in local festivities: long-forgotten practices restored, new developments, new events... which is how Bergara has managed to ensure its festivities remain alive and fresh.

These festivities are not massified, but instead are held in a warm, friendly and inviting atmosphere. For this very reason, these festivities are much loved by the local community.

Elsewhere, despite its past and its eminently urban appearance, and maybe precisely because of it, Bergara is home to agricultural and livestock fairs. We need go no further than the one held in Elosua, or the market held on Palm Saturday.

What’s more, Bergara has managed to find room on its calendar of festivities for devoting time and space to the local cuisine. At all these events, visitors to Bergara will be able to enjoy a genuine and authentic festive atmosphere.