What to see, to do, to live

The visit to Bergara is totally modular. From a calm experience -a gentle walk through the old streets, relaxing in the gardens, enjoying the Green Belt...- we can build up to extreme sports – climbing up Gorla, mountain biking, canoeing, climbing wall...-. The intensity will be set by the moment or by each individual’s needs. Guided visits, exhibitions, pintxo-pote (drink and bar snack), a hike in the mountains, cinema-club... a small step takes us from seeing and participating to experiencing with intensity and the pleasant atmosphere in Bergara soon contributes to this. Whilst we are in the Basque Country we cannot overlook the gastronomy. In Bergara the bars and restaurants are well represented and it also has options to discover haute cuisine. Its own exclusive specialities can be found in the traditional, artisanal confectionery that is still made in the town’s Old Quarter, such as sweets, rellenos and tostones, which will make all those with a sweet tooth happy. Bergara is an unbeatable place to see, participate and experiment. Whether you are looking for a stopover or a final destination Bergara is well worth it.