Bergara has numerous gardens and parks outside the town centre.

Ariznoa, the original Bergara, was a settlement on the banks of the River Deba, with mountainsides behind it. Today, those same slopes encircle the town like a ring. Thanks to this, and although it is only a short distance, a brief ten-minute walk is enough to change our outlook and perspective.

This means Urban Bergara is constantly being refreshed by Green Bergara.

And it is also being aired by garden areas within the town itself, all of which have a historical flavour, and some of them are very large indeed. A visit to Bergara provides an opportunity to wander around and enjoy both a relaxed atmosphere and the excitement of a climb up to Gorla, horse-riding, or mountain-biking. Besides the countryside and park areas, the river is another place for recreational activities. It is no coincidence that there i cycle lane linking the two municipal sports centres, and therefore the areas set aside for cycling, canoeing, rock-climbing and swimming, with visits to the spa.

Finally, specific mention should be made of the effort Bergara has made in pursuit of sustainability, which is reflected, for example, in the buses that run on gas (LPG), the "zero waste" approach, or the commitment to recycle and reuse materials.