These two houses on Bidekurutzeta are a good example of the style used in the building of town houses that prevailed in the 17th century, and of which the old quarter of Bergara preserves a good number. They were built by prosperous merchants and traders, and their most outstanding feature is their main facade, made entirely of fine quality ashlar work. Generally speaking, they have a ground floor, two storeys above and sometimes an attic, in a simple arrangement that is articulated by two openings on each floor. Their sober appearance is achieved by the fact their ornamental features are restricted to the use of smooth stone slabs for framing the openings and separating the floors, to magnificently worked wrought-iron railings on balconies and windows, and to ornate carved wooden eaves used to finish them.

The houses at Bidekurutzeta 26 and 28 were built between 1655 and 1660. Number 26 belonged to Juan Pérez de Mariaca, and number 28 was built by Francisco de Agirremendiaratz, a textile merchant.