A must is a visit to the little gardens on Komenio Street, which decorate the south facades on the Ondartza and Olaso towers.

The valuable heritage of the garden at the Olaso tower

The Olaso Tower, officially declared a listed building, has been granted the highest level of protection. In its entirety, this garden is one of the most attractive places in Bergara. This garden, located in the heart of the old quarter, also contains unique features of great historical value, with three outstanding highlights:

  • The coat of arms belonging to the Society of Jesus - Compañía de Jesús, which dates back to the time when the Seminary was a Jesuit College, and which following their expulsion in 1767 was removed from the college’s façade (the Seminary’s original facade, as the current one dates from 1867).
  • The coat of arms above the Jesuits’ own one is a finely worked Baroque piece that probably dates from the end of the 17th century.
  • There is a magnolia standing at the end of the garden. This tree has officially been declared one of a kind, and it enjoys protected status. Indeed, the Basque Government’s Decree 265/1995, of 16 May, introduced the figure of “unique tree” with protected status for several specimens in the Basque Country.