One of Bergara’s greatest advantages is, and has been throughout history, its strategic location, in the middle of this Y-shaped layout of the Basque Country, near San Sebastian, Vitoria, Bilbao and Pamplona. You can get to Bergara by coach (PESA company) or by car (along the AP-1 or the GI-632).

Bergara is situated in the middle of the Basque Autonomous Community, in the south-west of Gipuzkoa, in the district of the Upper Deba (Debagoiena). It has a strategic location, as it stands on the crossroads of the Eibar-Vitoria and Beasain-Durango dual carriageways. This means that Bilbao, San Sebastian, Vitoria and Pamplona are all within easy reach.

The main connections for getting to Bergara are the AP-1 motorway and the GI-627 road.

If you are coming via the N-1 main road, you need to turn off onto the GI-632.

It’s best to park on the outskirts of the town. What’s more, both our health and the environment will thank you for doing so. In addition, for getting around Bergara itself there is a bidegorri (pedestrian and cycle lane) and the herribús local bus service. Bergara is conveniently laid out, and it is easy to get around by car.

Besides the bidegorri, cycling enthusiasts can train and enjoy the hill-climb to Gorla; an amateur race that is well known by many of today’s professional riders.

Campervans (AK) and similar vehicles are welcome in Bergara. The local council has prepared an area for campervans referred to as the AK gunea in Labegaraieta, near the bus stop and the bidegorri or cycle lane.

You should also note that Bergara has a direct bus service to Bilbao’s Loiu airport.

Bergara’s local bus service, Herribús, has a long history. And it has now merged tradition and innovation in favour of the environment.

Indeed, our herribuses run on liquid petroleum gas (LPG), reflecting Bergara’s eco-friendly approach. Information on stops on this interactive map: