Garden in Komenio Street

A must is a visit to the little gardens on Komenio Street, which decorate the south facades on the Ondartza and Olaso towers.

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Errotalde Jauregiko lorategia

Errotalde Palace Garden

Better known for the chapel of Santa Ana or for the preaching of St. Francis Borgia, the Errotalde garden is a 19th century creation that holds many surprises.

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Usondo Park

As its name suggests, this is more of a park than a garden, and is very popular with locals. Laid out in the early 20th century as the garden for the Laureaga Palace, it did not open to the public until the 1980s.

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Untzeta Palace garden

Like the one at Errekalde, this one was also laid out in the 19th century. Today it is split down the middle by a road, and you can no longer appreciate the expanse (two hectares) it used to cover.

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Irizar Palace Garden

Although it is small, it might well be the most popular.

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Errekalde Palace Garden

This garden, the town’s finest, dates from the 19th century.

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House of Zuloaga Bereterio

From the 18th century onward, this 16th century building became one of the landmarks in Masterreka.

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Errekalde Palace

This tower-house dating back into the distant past was replaced by a modern palace that would later be burnt down during riots in 1718. 

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Hórreo de Agirre

Refurnished in the 1980s, this 16th century raised granary, the hórreo de Agarre, is the only one of its kind still standing in Gipuzkoa.

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