Located at the Errekalde Palace, in an English-style garden Major science and biology exhibitions Declared a Historical Site of international importance for the separation of tungsten and the advancement of scientific knowledge.

Bergara has a historic town centre full of impressive buildings and delightful parks and gardens. What’s more, the town is surrounded by countryside and woodlands that make it an ideal location for trekking and other sports.


34 listed monuments. Buildings in different styles: the late Basque Gothic, Italian and Central European Renaissance, Baroque..16th–18th European art in full view.

A cultural venue housed in a historical 18th century building, furnished with a 21st century infrastructure, situated on the square Plaza San Martín Agirre. Extensive cultural programme.


Main attractions
Inongo zalantza gabe munduko eskultura barrokoaren lan gorenetako baten aurrean gaude. 

Sevillan egonkortu baina Cordobako jatorria daukan Juan de Mesa maisuak egina, Juan de Irazabal jauntxoak eskatuta.

Jatorrizkoa baino handiagoa den Kristoren figura da, non agoniaren momentuko dramatismoa islatzen den tentsioan duen gorputzean.


The Tourist Office organises guided tours around the Old Part of Bergara.

It is advisable to book a time at the office itself for tours at Eastertime, in the summer (June-September), and over long holiday weekends. In addition, the Office provides a map with two possible routes around the old quarter, enabling visitors to organise their own self-guided tour.


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Laboratorium museoa

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